Resources About New England Floriculture, Inc.

The New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide: A Management Guide for Insects, Diseases, Weeds and Growth Regulators is issued in fall of even-numbered years by New England Floriculture, Inc. (NEF).

NEF's Board of Directors includes grower representatives from the six New England states plus New York. In conjunction with university Cooperative Extension representatives from these seven states, NEF sponsors the Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo, also held in fall of even-numbered years. For more information about the Conference, go to

Proceeds remaining from each conference are used to support production of the Guide. Remaining proceeds are distributed through a competitive grants program. To date, about $265,000 has been distributed for research and education efforts that support the floriculture industry. For more information about the grant program, go to the website listed above.

NEF Board Members

Connecticut Greenhouse Growers Association
Joseph Vaiuso, Vaiuso Farms
75 Hosley Avenue
Branford CT 06405
Tel: 203-488-1430

Maine State Florists' and Growers' Association
Scott Longfellow, Longfellow Greenhouses
81 Puddledock Road
Manchester ME 04351
Tel: 207-622-5965

Massachusetts Flower Growers Association
Teri Boardman, Volante Farms
292 Forest Street
Needham MA 02492
Tel: 781-964-6347

New Hampshire Plant Growers Association
Rick Simpson, Rolling Green Nursery
64 Breakfast Hill Road
Greenland NH 03840
Tel: 603-436-2732

New York State Flower Industry Board
Sue Adams, Mark Adams Greenhouses
759 Dutchess Turnpike
Poughkeepsie NY 12603
Tel: 845-471-8655

Rhode Island Greenhouse Growers Association
Joe Polseno, Pippin Orchard
751 Pippin Orchard Road
Cranston RI 02921
Tel: 401-943-7096

GreenWorks Vermont Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Sarah Salatino, Full Circle Gardens
68 Brigham Hill Road
Essex Junction VT 05452
Tel: 802-879-1919

University Extension Personnel in New England





Contact information

(Email and Phone Number)


University of Connecticut

Candace Bartholomew

Extension Educator- Pesticide Safety



Leanne Pundt

Extension Educator -Commercial Horticulture


Richard McAvoy

Professor & Extension Specialist


Rosa E. Raudales

Assistant Professor & Greenhouse Specialist



University of Massachussetts

Angela Madeiras

Plant Diagnostitian



Geoffrey Njue

Extension Educator - Green Industry Sustainability Specialist

781-891-0650 x12


Jason D. Lanier

Extension Educator - Greenhouse Crops & Floriculture



Robert Wick

Professor - Plant Pathology and Nematology



University of Maine

Clay Kirby

Insect Diagnostician



James Dill

IPM Specialist



Matthew Wallhead

ExtensionOrnamental Horticulture Specialist



University of New Hampshire

Anna Wallingford

IPM Specialist



Jonathan Ebba

Extension Field Specialist Ldscp & Ghse Horticulture



Cheryl Smith

Extension Professor and Plant Health Specialist



University of Rhode Island

Andrew Radin

Ag. Extension Agent



Brian Maynard

Professor of Horticulture



Heather Faubert

Plant Diagnostitian &

Ag. Extension Agent



Lisa Tewksbury

Bio Control Lab Manager



University of Vermont

Ann Hazelrigg

Extension Assistant Professor- Plant Pathology




Margaret Skinner

Extension Entomologist & Research Professor


State Resources for Soil Testing, Problem Diagnostics, and Pesticide Applicator Certification


Soil Testing Laboratories

Diagnostic Laboratories

State Lead Agencies for Pesticide Applicator Recertification


Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory

University of Connecticut

6 Sherman Place, Unit 5102

Storrs CT 06269-5102

Contact Dawn Pettinelli

Tel: 860-486-4274

Univ. of CT Plant Diagnostic Lab

1380 Storrs Road, Unit 4115

Storrs, CT 06269-4115

Tel: 860-486-6740

The CT Ag. Experiment Station

123 Huntington St., PO Box 1106

New Haven CT 06504-1106

Contact Dr. Yonghao Li

Tel: 203-974-8601 or (outside

New Haven area): 1-877-855-2237

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection;

Waste Bureau/Pesticide Mgmt. Div.

79 Elm Street

Hartford CT 06106-5127

Tel: 860-424-3369


Soil and Plant Tissue Laboratory

203 Paige Laboratory

University of Massachusetts

161 Holdsworth Way

Amherst MA 01003

Tel: 413-545-2311

UMass Extension Plant Diag. Lab

3 French Hall, 230 Stockbridge Rd

University of Massachusetts

Amherst MA 01003

Tel: 413-545-3209


MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources

Pesticide Bureau, Suite 500

251 Causeway Street

Boston MA 02114-2151

Tel: 617-626-1700




Maine Soil Testing Service

5722 Deering Hall

University of Maine

Orono, ME 04469-5722

Contact: Bruce Hoskins

Tel: 207-581-2945

Pest Management Office

Univ. of Maine Cooperative Extension

491 College Ave., Orono ME 04473

Tel: 207-581-3880

Contact: Clay Kirby, Entomology

Maine Dept. of Ag, Cons. and Forestry

Board of Pesticides Control

State House Station #28

Augusta ME 04333

Tel: 207-287-2731


UNH Soil Testing Program

G28 Spaulding Hall

38 Academic Way, UNH

Durham NH 03824

Tel: 603-862-3200

Plant Diagnostic Lab

G37 Spaulding Hall

38 Academic Way, UNH

Durham NH 03824

Contact: Dr. Cheryl Smith

Tel: 603-862-3200

New Hampshire Dept. of Agriculture

Division of Pesticide Control

25 Capitol Street

PO Box 2042

Concord NH 03302-2042

Tel: 603-271-3550


Soil Testing: contact the Soil and Plant Tissue Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts (contact information above)

URI Plant Clinic

3 East Alumni Avenue

Kingston RI 02881

Tel: 401-874-2967

Contact Heather Faubert

Rhode Island Dept. of Env. Management,

Division of Agriculture

235 Promenade Street

Providence RI 02908-1037

Tel: 401-222-2781


Agricultural and Environmental

Testing Laboratory

Department of Plant & Soil Science

Univ. of Vermont, Jeffords Hall

63 Carrigan Drive

Burlington VT 05405-1737

Tel: 802-656-3030/0285

Contact Betsey Carr

Plant Diagnostic Clinic

Department of Plant & Soil Science

Univ. of Vermont, Hills Building

Burlington VT 05405-0086

Tel: 802-656-0493

Contact Ann Hazelrigg

VT Dept. of Ag, Food and Markets

Plant Industry, Laboratory and Standards Division

116 State Street

Montpelier VT 05620-2901

Tel: 802-828-2430

References of Interest to Commercial Greenhouse Growers


These publishers and clearinghouses specialize in publications related to floriculture and other agricultural fields. Check with them directly for current titles and availability:

APS (American Phytopathological Society):

Ball Publishing:

Meister Media:

PALS (Plant and Life Sciences Publishing); formerly NRAES (Natural Resource, Agriculture and Engineering Service), Cornell University, Ithaca


Additional reference books. Refer to each book's citation for publisher and/or vendor information. Many of these books are out of print, but do have excellent basic information, and are available from used book vendors:

Achieving Sustainable Greenhouse Cultivation.2020. L. Marcelis and E. Heuvelink (Eds). Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing.

Floriculture: Principles and Species. 2005. J.M. Dole and H.F. Wilkins. Pearson Prentice-Hall.

Fundamentals of Pesticides, A Self-Instruction Guide. 1991. 3rd ed. G. W. Ware. Thompson Publications, PO Box 9335, Fresno CA 93791.

The Greenhouse Environment: The Effect of Environmental Factors on Flower Crops. 1997. J. W. Mastalerz. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York NY 10016.

Greenhouses-Advanced Technology for Protected Horticulture. 1997. J.J. Hanan. CRC Press, 2000 Corporate Blvd., N.W., Boca Raton FL 33431.

Greenhouse Operation and Management. 2007. 7th ed. P.V. Nelson. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Handbook of Florists's Crops Diseases .2018. J. McGovern and W.H. Elmer (Eds). Springer International Publishing AG.

Integrated Pest Management for Bedding Plants: A Scouting and Pest Management Guide. 2000. 2nd ed. C. Casey, ed. New York State IPM Program Bulletin No. 407. The Resource Center, PO Box 6525, Ithaca NY14851; phone 607-255-2080; fax 607-255-9946;; https://ecomm

IPM for Floriculture and Nurseries. 2001. University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project, Publication 3402. Order at

Knowing and Recognizing: The Biology of Glasshouse Pests and Their Natural Enemies. 2003. M. Malais and W.J. Ravensberg. Koppert Biological Systems, PO Box 155, 2650 AD Berkel In Rodenrijs, The Netherlands.

Nutrient Deficiencies in Bedding Plants: A Pictorial Guide for Identification and Correction. 2007. J.L. Gibson, D.S. Pitchay, A.L. Williams-Rhodes, B. E. Whipker, P. V. Nelson, and J. M. Dole.

Pest Management for Herb Bedding Plants Grown in the Greenhouse. 2005. L. Pundt and T. Smith. Available at raw2/344/herbmanl1%20(2)%20(1).pdf

Pest Management for Vegetable Bedding Plants. 2007. L. Pundt and T. Smith. Available at

New England Integrated Pest Management for Poinsettias: A Manual for Growers and Scouts. Pundt, L. Order online at:

Specialty Cut Flowers: The Production of Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs and Woody Plants for Fresh and Dried Cut Flowers. 2003. 2nd ed. A.M. Armitage and J.M. Laushman. Timber Press.

Weeds of the Northeast. R. H. Uva, J. C. Neal and Joseph M. DiTomaso. 1997. Cornell University Press, PO Box 6525, Ithaca NY 14851-6525.

Trade Publications

Country Folks Grower.

Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Grower.

Greenhouse Product News.


Trade Associations


Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, Inc.

Connecticut Greenhouse Growers Association.

International Herb Association.

International Plant Propagators Society, Eastern Region.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

Maine State Florists' and Growers' Association.

Mid-Maine Greenhouse Growers Association.

Massachusetts Flower Growers Association.

New Hampshire Plant Growers Association.

Northeast Organic Farming Association.

Perennial Plant Association.

Rhode Island Greenhouse Growers Association.

R.I.F.B., 2227 Plainfield Pike (rear), Johnston RI 02919; phone 401-647-3570; fax 401-647-0410

Society of American Florists.

Green Works, the Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association.

Useful Web Sites

In addition to the general web sites listed here, see web sites listed within the text of this manual, which are specific to the topics in which they're presented. For example, the information about safeguarding bees and other pollinators in Section A includes several web-based references.

Northeast Greenhouse Conference

Cornell University Integrated Pest Management Program


Web-based version of publication: Greenhouse IPM

Web-based version of publication: Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North America. 1997. C.D. Hunter.

University of Connecticut Greenhouse Research and Extension Program

University of Connecticut Greenhouse IPM website. Access publications, IPM and scouting information, and industry information.

North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers Association; several publications can be ordered.

Online version of the New England Vegetable Management Guide, including pest management recommendations for greenhouse tomatoes.


University of New Hampshire Greenhouse and Floriculture Program.

University of Massachusetts Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Program.

University of Massachusetts Weed Herbarium.


Web-based label information on selected pesticides.

Electronic Grower Resources Online. Provides alerts about disease, insect, environmental, physiological and nutritional disorders in commercial greenhouses.

Clean WateR3 is a federally funded Specialty Crops Research Initiative grant focused on research and outreach to help growers Reduce, Remediate and Recycle irrigation water.

Rutgers University farm management website.

Greenhouse crop budget, marketing and risk management publications.


1 Note: See comments about stage of development for treatment and whether a product is labeled for fungus gnats or shore flies.

2 Note: See comments about stage of development for treatment and whether a product is labeled for fungus gnats or shore flies.

3 Note: See comments about stage of development for treatment and whether a product is labeled for fungus gnats or shore flies.

4 Note: See comments about stage of development for treatment and whether a product is labeled for fungus gnats or shore flies.